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Leveraging the latest technologies to create safe, secure, and energy-efficient smart buildings


Not every industry is lucky enough to help millions make the most of their day-to-day lives, while also helping the planet in the process. Digital Buildings & Campuses transform lives with smarter structures, increasing efficiency and maximizing sustainability. Enlist our expert team to turn every building opportunity into a competitive advantage for your customers.

Our focus areas

Office buildings, hospitality, hospitals, airports, educational campuses.


No two industries are the same. Partner with us to overcome the unique challenges facing Buildings & Campuses


Complex challenges require smart solutions. Tap into our service portfolio for tangible results that deliver impact.

1Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap

Build a long-term vision that establishes your business priorities and sets milestones for future implementations.

2Building Information Modelling

Reduce go-to-market time and minimize design risks, using the right digital tools to manage construction and equipment commissioning.

3Performance Optimization

Improve energy efficiency and optimize maintenance processes, boosting your sustainability via state-of-the-art building management.

4Fleet Management Excellence

Gain key insights on your building’s fleet operational and financial data with an integrated information dashboard.

5Customer Experience Enhancement

Reap the benefits of higher productivity and workforce engagement by allowing your users to control their comfort — from room temperature to lighting levels.

6Occupancy & Workspace Optimization

Create flexible workplaces and improve occupancy rates with smart localization systems and automated room controls.

7Smart City Integration Roadmap

Learn and define what role your buildings play in energy networks and connect them to other IoT assets in the city, paving the way for new revenue streams.

8Safety and Security Improvement

Harness our cybersecurity tools, automated identity and access controls, and smart notification systems to make your buildings safer and more secure.

9Integration Services

Enable smart analytics based on single data sources through the integration of your favorite first- and third-party digital tools.

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