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Mastering current challenges and the transition into the future mobility landscape


The industry landscape is changing rapidly: from shifting customer demands, to new business models, technologies and overall market environment. Throughout your value chain and across functions, we develop innovative solutions for your business and implement them together with you.

Our focus segments

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Equipment Suppliers (OES), Commercial Vehicles (CV), Off-Highway Vehicles (Construction & Agriculture), Mobility Ecosystem.


No two industries are the same. Partner with us to overcome the unique challenges facing the Automotive & New Mobility Industry


Complex challenges require smart solutions. Tap into our service portfolio for tangible results that deliver impact.

1Crisis recovery management

Address a crisis by setting up a crisis response team, communication strategy, task forces to manage operations, financials and recovery up to new business strategies.


Derive a concept to right size your structure and define your future core positioning in the value chain for a flexible cost structure and higher resilience.

3Business model 2.0

Revise current business models, derive new ones and translate them into a target operating model accounting for multiple factors (e.g. target customer groups, value chain depth, connected mobility).

4Mobility services & customer lifetime value

Optimize your offerings by reaching beyond conventional ownership models towards mobility-as-a-service while maximizing returns throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

5New drive train technologies

Develop an e-mobility strategy to transfer from ICE to BEV, PHEV or H2FC technology.

6Connected Supply Chain

Monitor your activity in real-time, using advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to maximize parts availability.

7Additive manufacturing

Learn how to eliminate excess inventory, increase geographic flexibility, reduce new component development times and improve your bottom line.

8Digitalization of operations and processes

Develop concepts to enable digitally connected production lines and to digitalize processes leveraging process mining and RPA (benefits include e.g., reduced downtimes via predictive maintenance).

9Inhouse Consulting

Get insights, on how to solve complex problems internally in a fast manner at of the highest quality, while forming your new leaders of tomorrow.

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