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Transform your company for better and more affordable outcomes, leverage the power of data and innovate faster to seize the opportunities of digital health


Healthcare and medical technology are undergoing a rapid transformation, accelerated by digitalization, increasing cost pressure and growing chronic disease burdens. We help you to succeed in an increasingly complex ecosystem. Draw on our expertise to drive digital business models, platforms, data and rapid innovation.

Let’s define and implement the right strategy for you: as a medical device & technology player, a pharma & biotech company or a healthcare service provider

Our focus areas

Med Tech, Med Devices, Pharma, Provider, Payer, Telemedicine, Biotech.


No two industries are the same. Partner with us to overcome the unique challenges facing Healthcare & Med Tech


Complex challenges require smart solutions. Tap into our service portfolio for tangible results that deliver impact.

1Strategies to adapt to digitalization in healthcare

We support you with a holistic digital transformation program: strategy & business models, organization & people, processes and digital technologies – enabled by structured program and change management.

2Innovative business models for the medical space

Leverage our domain know-how to define and realize innovative business models that pay off – from new services to healthcare platforms to equipment management and digital health applications.

3Leverage the power of applied AI for healthcare

Build on the Siemens library of 200+ analytics and AI use cases to develop data based offerings that enable better health outcomes and optimize operations to increase process quality and save costs.

4Transform customer and patient engagement and experience

Understand customers and patient journeys to realize greater engagement and experience. Leverage our team’s expertise, e.g. in design thinking, data analytics and UX/UI.

5Manage complexity and meet regulatory requirements

Manage complexity and dynamic requirements by focusing on the right market segments, customers and system architectures. Leverage our expertise in PLM and R&D and deploy state of the art software tools.

6Accelerate innovation: Modularization, DevOps and Agile@Scale

Tackle faster innovation cycles in healthcare with modern ways of thinking and working. Modularize your portfolio to innovate faster at less cost. Leverage our proven advanced Agile and DevOps concepts.

7Optimize and digitalize your manufacturing and supply chain

Define the right value chain and production footprint to ensure flexible, cost-effective supply chains. Leverage our know-how for technologies such as digital twin, additive manufacturing or robotics.

Our Experts

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