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Empowering clients for a future to seamlessly serve their customers in an increasingly electric world


Nothing gets done without power. And with the multitude of challenges the utility industry is facing today, you need partners that drive innovative solutions for your business. We work with you to overcome today’s obstacles: from the rising demand to integrate renewable and distributed energy sources, to the fluctuating market and regulatory uncertainties.

Let us help you lead your industry transformation by rethinking business and operating models, better use of energy and digital technologies, and establishing new partnerships


No two industries are the same. Partner with us to overcome the unique challenges facing the Power & Utilities sector


Complex challenges require smart solutions. Tap into our service portfolio for tangible results that deliver impact.

1Energy system modeling & decarbonization roadmap

We leverage multimodal energy system modeling to define low-cost routes to decarbonization of businesses, districts, cities and countries.

2Hydrogen & Power-to-X business build

We help Power & Utility companies to tap into opportunities associated with deep decarbonization.

3Digital power plant

We help implement data-driven asset management and process automation to improve productivity, availability, and market integration as well as extend asset life.

4Digital grid operator

We help grid operators get real-time network state transparency for better grid planning and control while improving network resilience, safety and efficiency.

5Automated inspection & digital field service

We implement new ways of working to automatically manage off-site work and required resources reducing down-time, maintenance costs and minimize risk.

6Smart energy campus

We implement innovative solutions for digital customer interaction and big data–driven alignment of supply & demand to enable energy efficiency, distributed energy resources and market places.

7Logistic setup & network optimization

We help Power & Utility companies to realize supply and logistics cost and speed advantages in the growing energy services market.

8Digital platform services & pricing

We help our clients to develop platform strategies and pricing models to successfully scale and monetize platform business models.

9Utility business strategy

We support our Power & Utility clients in developing business strategies that pave the way to commercial success in the energy market of the future.

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